*ETD=Echoes in The Dark

1- What is Ascension: Echoes in the Dark?

A: Ascension:Echoes in the Dark is the official name for the fourth chapter of Ascension, a free,online visual novel by Rinmaru. The first three chapters can be found and played here.

2- What’s the difference of ETD? Why did it need a new logo or a new artwork style?

A: The first three chapters of Ascension were (except the backgrounds) completely made on Adobe Flash. For ETD, Rin is using a visual novel engine called “Renpy” which allows me to use programs like Pain tool Sai and Photoshop for the artwork. That’s the reason why they look slightly different.

3-How many people are working on this game?

A: For now, it’s just me.

4- Are you looking to hire anyone?

A: Not at the moment!

5-Who are Rinmaru?

A: Rinmaru(Rin) is owner of She make games (mostly dress up games until recently). It’s not a part time job. She don’t do this as a hobby butShe isn't not a professional either.She is an amateur. She does what she does because she love it and she is lucky to earn the amount of money she need to keep doing this.

6- I played the first three chapters, Is Aida going to be the protagonist for ETD? Are we going to be able to “date” Zander,Jace,Faelern or Kole in the new game?

A: No, Aida won’t be the protagonist for ETD and no, you won’t be able to “date” Zander,Jace,Faelern or Kole in the new game.

7- WHY!?

A: Because the Rin uses new program, and it is difficult and time-consuming to again make the 3 previous games with the new program. Although I miss all the Aida and others we can say that the new game is much better than the previous, in topic image, audio etc. You don't need have to play the first 3 games to understand the plot. The new game will be in the same world but it will be a completely new game.

8- Who is this Seer?

A: It will be the character you will create at the start of the game. More than that, Rin can’t tell, however chapter.3’s ending has bits and pieces of what ETD will be about.

9- Will the new Ascension game be free? Will I have to download/Install it?

A: No it won’t be free and yes you will have to download/install it to your computer.

10- How much will ETD be? Do I need to save a lot of money?

A: 20-25$ but is'n sure!

12- Will you accept gift cards/paypal/mobile payment for ETD?

A: Nobody knows! Rin don't knows yet!

14- Will the game be on

A: No,it won’t be. It’ll be downloaded from a new website probably. 

Edit: It will probably be a large game though, so you better have like more than 1gb free disk space.

16- When’s the release date!?

A: More than a year. 2016 spring, probably...! :(

17- Why is the main protagonist a female?

A: Rin's personal choice!

18- What type of customization will be in the game?

A: Check “The List” and “Progress” for more information about customization.

19- Is This/That gonna happen in ETD?

A: Please wait and see. No spoilers!

20- Will we be able to name our character in ETD?

A: Yes.

21- Will we see “this or that” from the old game?

A: Wait and see!(Maybe) ;)

24- Is it possible to finish the game without any romance?

A: Yes. ETD is not a dating game. It is possible to finish the game without any romantic interaction.

25- Will you release a demo?

A: Yes. The demo will be out in spring 2015! Soon. ;) Be happy!

18-When Rin will end with the game?

 Bad news…! 2016 spring probably :( Is a looong time!)